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Meet The Team

It All Started With An Idea

Geek Solutions was founded with three simple principles in mind: Simple, Affordable and Reliable. Technology has evolved to the point these three objectives can be run side-by-side, that's where Geek Solutions comes in.

“ Simple, Affordable and Reliable For Your Business ”

Mike Gervais

Founder & CEO

Mike founded Geek Solutions and it's subsidiaries single-handedly throughout his career, from the Hosting Industry to the DDoS Mitigation industry, Mike has numerous years of experience tinkering in them all.

Mike is a self-taught Software Engineer, Cyber Security Gopher turned Entrepreneur. From working with titan organizations to small businesses, Mike brings countless years of knowledge on both a business aspect and a sales aspect to Geek Solutions.

Now, a Serial Technology Entrepreneur, Mike has brought businesses from $0 to $1M+ in less than 1 year, negotiated successful deals worth over ten million in cash and value. When not working Mike spends lots of time his family and friends, learning, spreading knowledge and most importantly -- having fun.

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General FAQ

Let's get some of your questions answered.

Where's my data stored?

Per our Terms of Service, your customer information is stored in Canada.

Where are your servers located?

We have servers across the globe, from California to Australia. Our largest presence being in North America and Europe.

What's your mitigation capacity?

We currently have capacity to mitigate up to 2.7Tbit/second of malicious traffic.

What's your hardware?

We run on AMD EPYC-powered systems for mitigation, along with Xeon E5s, Gold & Platnium Processors.

What's the catch?

There's no catch to any of our services. You will see exactly what you'll pay and if there's a term commitment (eg, 12 months) upfront. No hidden fees.

What if there's a problem?

Our around the clock, 24x7x365 Network Operations Center team is available to assist you, along with our Technical Support Team.

Will you expand to my datacenter?

We're looking to expand, reach out with your datacenter information and we will consider becoming an on-net provider at your location.

Can you really balance Simple, Affordable and Reliable?

There's only one way to find out. Sign up and give us a try.

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